Extra Credit Movie List

US History Extra Credit Movie List 

Directions: Watch one of the movies listed below that relates to the topics we have covered so far this year in class. After viewing the movie you will need to explain its:

·      Historical relevance or compare the movie to a historical event.

·      What affect it had on shaping history

·      You will also need to give a brief statement on its historical accuracy.

Papers must be typed, size 12 font, double spaced and approximately 1 page in length.

You may do a report on up to 4 movies. You can earn up to .25 points for each movie for a total of 1 point that will go in the 30% quiz category.    

First Semester 

  • “Dances With Wolves”: Westward Expansion, Indian Wars
  • “Avatar”: Colonization and Imperialism
  • “Gettysburg”: Civil War (Tom Berenger, Jeff Daniels and Martin Sheen) 
  • “Twelve years a slave”: Slavery
  • “Lincoln” Civil War (may show this in class)
  • “Far and Away”: Immigration
  •  “Matewan”: Unions (may show this in class)
  • "Gangs of New York" (2002)

Second Semester
  • "War Horse": WWI
  • "Gilipila": WWI
  • "Seabiscuit": Great Depression
  •  "Enemy at the Gate": Russia WWII 
  • "Pearl Harbor": USA WWII 
  • "42: The Jackie Robinson Story": Civil Right Movement

  • "Cinderella Man": Great Depression  

  • "Bridge of Spies": At the height of the Cold War in 1960, the downing of anAmerican spy plane and the pilot's subsequent capture by the Soviets draws Brooklyn attorney James Donovan into the middle of an intense effort to secure the aviator's release. Cast: Tom Hanks, Mark Rylance,

  • "The Sum of all Fears":CIA agent Jack Ryan tries to discover why three missing Russian nuclear scientists are holed up in the Ukraine, communicating with neo-Nazis. As he digs up more secrets than the U.S. government can accept, Ryan races to prevent all-out nuclear war. Cast: Ben Affleck, Morgan Freeman, James Cromwell, more...
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