"Uncle Tom's Cabin" Reading Timeline

Section One Reading: Reading must be completed by 10/25
Read from: Chapter I (1) through chapter X (10)

Section Two Reading: Reading must be completed by 11/17
Read from: Chapter XI (11) through chapter XXIII (23)

Section Three Reading: Reading must be completed by 12/14
Read from: Chapter XXIV (24) through chapter XLV (45) the end.

Assignment: You will turn this in after we discuss each section. 
*For each chapter write 3 questions/observations you have about the novel.
*For each chapter write 1 quote you would like to discuss further with your fellow classmates or that sheds insight on the slavery issue. You must try to explain the quotes meaning on the assignment.  
*During our Socratic Seminars you will use your questions and quotes to unravel the novel. 
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