"The Prince Summer Assignment"

AP European History Summer Reading Assignments

“The Prince” & Textbook Checkout

Stanwood High School, Mr. Femrite


Dear Students:

            I am excited at the opportunity to teach you as we explore European History together next year. AP European History is a college-level survey course designed to examine the chronology, events, and trends of European history. The course will focus on the political, economic, religious, social, intellectual and artistic developments of Western Civilization from 1450 to the present. Emphasis will be placed on analyzing historical evidence and expressing historical understanding through readings and writing. As this is a college-level course, it will be a fast paced, rigorous and demanding course that asks you to keep up on reading, both in the text, and from numerous outside sources. You will find that the more time spent outside keeping up on the reading, the more rewarding class will become as we delve into discussion and exploration of historical events.


 “The Prince”:

We will hit the ground running when school begins in September. Please purchase a copy of Machiavelli’s “The Prince” and the cliff Notes. You will need a physical copy to write in and annotate, e-readers are expectable as long as you can make notes/annotations. 


1) Read “The Prince” prior to the first day of class (you can purchase the book on Amazon or any online bookstore). It does not matter which translation you utilize.Please note: you must be able to mark it up with questions and thoughts related you your understanding of the piece so please make sure you have your own copy.


2) The following written assignment will be turned in after our Socratic Seminar (must be finished by the first day of school). 

  • ·       For each chapter write questions/observations you have about the novel.
  • ·       For each chapter write 1 quote you would like to discuss further with your fellow classmates or that sheds insight on the issue. You must try to explain the quotes meaning directly after the quote.
  • ·       During our Socratic Seminars (first week of school) you will use your questions and quotes to unravel the novel. 


Example of how you should organize your questions and quotes:

           “The Prince” Summer Reading Assignment

Ch. 1:





Quote: “is it better to be feared or loved?” (explain quote)


Ch. 2:





3) You can visit our class website over the summer to learn more about the book. We will have a quiz the first week of class over the text. You will be able to use your text and your summer assignment on the quiz.


Textbook Checkout: 

1) Go to our Stanwood High School Library and check out our textbook before the last day of school “Western Civilization” Updated AP Ninth Edition by Jackson J. Spielvogel.

 2) Read: The Preface that will give you tips and resources on how to effectively utilize the chapter resources. (xix-xxiii)

 3) Read: Introduction to Students of Western Civilization. (xl-xli)

 4) Read: Western Civilization to 1300. (xlii-xlv)

 5) Read: Preparing for and taking the AP European History Exam. (xlvi-lxiii)

 6.) On the first day of school I will be assigning chapter 11 (299-331)  “The Later Middle Ages: Crisis and Disintegration in the Fourteenth Century” if you would like to get a head start on the reading you are encouraged to do so. Reading Historical text takes, on average, one hour per 10 pages. You are encouraged to take notes over the chapter to help study for chapter quizzes. On average you will devourer a chapter every two weeks.   

 Class Supply list:

o   Three ring binder (1.5 inch)

o   Highlighters: yellow, pink, blue, green and orange 

o   Spiral Notebook OR Composition Book

o   Binder tabs (25 of them) 

o   Black or Blue pens

o   #2 Pencils

o   Post-it sticky notes (100 sheets) 


 Have a great summer,

 Jason Femrite

Stanwood High School

AP European History Teacher

School email: jfemrite@stanwood.wednet.edu

Class Website: https://sites.google.com/a/stanwood.wednet.edu/mr-femrite-s-classroom/course-2 

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