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AP Test Prep Book

Additional AP Euro Resource

(Recommended but not Required)

 AP Test Prep Books are a great resource to supplement our textbook and a must if you are planning on taking the AP Exam at the end of the year. Students that purchase this resource at the start of the school year find it to be invaluable.

 AP Test Prep Books: (All 4 of these books are redesigned for the new 2017 AP Euro Test ) I like the McGraw-Hill AP Achiever and Chris Freiler's AP Achiever, but they are all great.  

Video with information on how to use Chris Freiler’s AP Prep Book: 


*Barron's AP European History 8th edition 
Ordering Info: Amazon 

*The Princeton Review Cracking the AP European History Exam 2017 Edition
Ordering Info: Amazon 

*McGraw-Hill's AP Achiever exam prep guide for AP European History. ($23.00 book only) 
Ordering Info: You can order the book at the McGraw-Hill Education site in a variety of formats. Please follow this link and then hit the “Shop Now” button to reveal the purchase options: 

*Chris Freiler (AP Achiever): This is the book I would recommend:



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