AP Euro Exam Test Prep Resourses

Tom Richey's AP European History website: Tom Richey is the maestro of AP European History. His website contains video lectures, primary source, PowerPoints and information on DBQs, SAQ, and the LAQ. 

Learnerator: An online test website that lets you test your skills at over 27,405 multiple choice questions broken into time periods. You will need to pay a registration fee for this site in order to use the full version and save your work... or you can use the free demo version.   

Learnerator's Test Tip Blog:  This tip site will give you strategies on how to effectively tackle DBQs, Long Essays, Short Responses and the multiple choice sections. 

MindTap: This is your online book and test prep center. It includes test questions for multiple choice, SAQ, LEQ and DBQs.  Every student was given an activation code at the start of the year. We also took a field trip to the library to register for the site, it was a happy day and your soul's had not yet been crushed by 8 months of rain :)  

AP Students: This is the College Board website that will answer questions that you may have about the AP Test: test prep, test dates, registration, and how to access your test scores in July.  

Crash Course Videos: Short 15 minute videos about the large events of history. Use this as a review of the historical topics we covered in class. 

Tom Richey's AP Euro Review Videos: Short Video review of the large events of history. 

The Western Tradition Lecture Videos: College lectures from the Renaissance to the Cold War. Scroll down and click on the desired lecture... click the icon (VoD) to play video. 

Geography Map Game: Helps you become more affluent with geographical locations

Geography Map Game: Helps you become more affluent with geographical locations, and donates rice to people in needy countries. 

35 Frequently Tested AP European History Terms & Concepts: Short overview of terms and Concepts for review. 

Exam Description: Explains how to write a Long Essay, DBQ, Multiple choice, and SAQ.  

New AP Euro APP: Romulus($5) iTunes app that quizzes you over each historical time period that will be covered on the AP Test. 

Albert i0 One Month Study Guide for AP Euro Exam: This is a free resource.  The guide contains videos, review guides, strategies and a free puppy for every student that scores a 5 on the exam. 

Tom Richey AP 10 Week Review Guide: This is a free resource.  The guide contains videos, review guides, strategies and a free puppy for every student that scores a 5 on the exam.  

Tom Richey Review the night before and Breakfast Review  
Paul Sargent Review with Tom Richey   

AP Exam Prep Books: Invaluable study tool for our chapter quizzes, SAQs, LEQs, DBQs and the end of the year AP Exam. 

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